The Panic Merchants

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Apocalypzia believes there's enough bad news out there without piling it on.

Standing at the threshold of the third quarter of a difficult year, it's discouraging to see For Lease signs in so many store windows, and there continues to be a lot of talk on the web about store closings. But if we've learned anything in the apocalyptic post-bailout world, it's that we should be careful about who's telling us what.

Maybe you received that email way back before Christmas advising you not to buy gift cards from a list of stores that would soon close or cut back. did confirm some of the information in that email but, more importantly, some of the references to store closings didn't bear out.

for lease
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Retail Controversy
Against the backdrop of the historic April 2009 bankruptcy of shopping mall developer, General Growth Properties, there's also controversy about planned retail closings in 2009. Some analysts believe the numbers quoted are too high.

And recently the website 24/7 Wall Street announced 12 brands that will disappear before the end of 2010. Maybe they will, maybe they won't.

Does this kind of crystal ball speculation help or hurt?