Nokia Eyes the Future...Cautiously

Slow and Steady?
Nokia took a shot at describing what the future would be like six years ahead, empowered my their breakthrough technology. This presentation is what they came up with.

This exercise in crystal ball gazing is not getting rave reviews. Mashable said "all of this is already available on iPhone, Android (Android), Symbian, and other mobile devices of today."

Deepfreezevideo (via Huffington Post) said "that had to be the lamest thing I've seen in thirty years."


Though to be clear, we weren't very impressed either. This has to be one of the more modest predictions about the world of tomorrow that we've seen.

To boldly go...
It's, of course, unfair to compare this internal pitch to some of the bold predictions AT&T made on national television in the 1990s, but if the goal was to get people excited, inside or outside of the company, Nokia might have tried to stretch imagination at least a little bit more.

On the other hand, most attempts to look ahead truly overstate or totally distort what future technology is prepared to deliver.

After all, we're still waiting for our rocket cars.