TV Fall Preview - The New Dramas

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The new 2009 Fall TV season is almost ready to roll.

Join Apocalypzia for a fast preview of the dramas debuting on CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and CW. Is your soon-to-be new favorite show on the list?

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NCIS Los Angeles Tuesday 9/8c

Looks like a solid NCIS spin-off. (Why not call it NCIS LA?)

The Good Wife Tuesday 10/9c

The Gov. Mark Sanford story? Julianna Marguiles is back and may have a hit.

Three Rivers Sunday 9/8c

Organ donors, organ recipients and the doctors who love them.

Welcome to the Future! Video-in-Print? Is this even possible?!

By the way, CBS is introducing its entire fall line-up in an innovative high-tech way. They've teamed up with Pepsi to produce what they claim is the first Video-in-Print promotion. You'll be able to watch video clips of CBS shows embedded in the pages of a magazine.

Watch for a groundbreaking issue of Entertainment Weekly at the newstands.

The Forgotten Tuesday 10/9c

Not exactly Cold Case -- let's call it Warm Case

Flash Forward Thursday 8/7c

Lost without the island

Eastwick Wednesday 10/9c

Charmed: The Sequel

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Trauma Monday 9/8c

ER al Fresco

Mercy Wednesday 8/7c

Nurses with an edge

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Glee Wednesday 9/8c

The Nip/Tuck team tries musical dramedy.

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Three of the new CW dramas (including two Fox retreads) look like the same show with different titles.

90210 Tuesday 8/7c

How is 90210...

Melrose Place Tuesday 9/8c

...any different from this show...

The Beautiful Life Wednesday 9/8c

...or this show?

The Vampire Diaries Thursday 8/7c

TV Twilight

Apocalypzia previews Fall Season Comedies