Mystery Date: The Board Game That Wouldn't Die

Mystery Date?!
Exactly how long was this supposed to keep a teenaged girl interested and amused?

Apparently for decades. Leveraging off the wild success of Disney's High School Musical, Milton Bradley (no, not that Milton Bradley) relaunched this 1960's board game.

Instead of the non-descript white tuxedo guy or beach date guy in the original game, players open the door to see whether or not Zac Efron is standing there with a corsage.
high school musical
Are today's teenage girls going for this?
Sissy Mynarcik thinks so. She bought the game on Amazon for her ten year old daughter. "My daughter is an addict," Sissy states in her Amazon review, "She will not stop playing the game. She even plays it by herself."

Of course you can't please everybody. Sue Mallory said in her Amazon review, "although this is a very fun game... I was expecting the Original Mystery Date game with the ... dud date guy."

Sue isn't the only one who is more interested in the original.
The 1960's commercial has cult status now, inspiring several YouTube spoofs.

2008 Presidential Primary Spoof
During the presidential campaign last year, XCowboy2 released this version.

The One Man Show Spoof
Playing all the parts, CrashingCrockery has his own fun with this oh-so-60's commercial.