Musical Chairs

Life is pretty much a game of musical chairs.

And each time the music stops, there is one chair too few and someone is left standing.

Perhaps someone doesn't get that phone call when promised or that supportive hug when needed. No matter. People are busy sometimes. Certainly there'll be some word tomorrow. Or the next day.

Days turn to weeks and weeks into months before the realization becomes clear. Somewhere the music has stopped and there is one chair too few.

Who's Who
Who is ultimately important in our life is not so much who we want to be important. In the final analysis, who is truly important in our lives is who we actually end up directing our precious energies toward.

Who is truly important to us are those with whom we find ourselves sharing our joys and pains, however those choices are made.

It doesn't mean this is the way that we want it to be. It doesn't mean that this is not the way we want it to be.

It just means that's the way it is.

And for those people who are displaced in the process, the ones left standing as the music fades, there can be a whole bubbling stew of emotions -- hurt, anger, depression, guilt.

But in the long haul, things work out as they do, not how we wish they might have.

There are many people we would like to have on the guest list of our life-party.

But, again, there are only so many chairs and when the music stops...well...