The Magic Bullet: The First Weapon of Mass Destruction


It has been 46 years since John F. Kennedy was cut down by assassins' bullets in Dallas, TX.
The president was 46 years old when he was killed. It was the most widely-witnessed hit-job in human history, involving the most famous person on the planet at the time.

Lee Harvey Oswald, an avowed Marxist acting alone shot the President and wounded the Governor of Texas as moving targets, 200 feet away from 6 story window, with a $12 Carcano war-suplus rifle and was, himself, murdered two days later by the grief-stricken owner of a Dallas strip club.

That's their story and their sticking with it.

Whose story?

For nearly half a century the debate has raged on about whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

For the record, we have no idea whether he did or he didn't.

But we do believe that whether or not the US Government was complicit in the murder of the President of the United States, it had a vital and vested interest in selling the Lone Gunman Theory to the American people.

Imagine in the worldwide impact on a Cold-War world to the following headlines the morning of November 23, 1963:

Soviet Agent Assassinates US President; LBJ Orders Retaliatory Nuclear Strike on Moscow
If you think that headline is far-fetched, you're probably too young to remember that just one year before this assassination, the US and the Soviet Union came within a heartbeat of thermonuclear war over the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Bloody Coup in US, Government Militants Execute President, Seize Control of Washington
If the US Government or any of its agencies were involved in the murder it would have resulted in not just the death of a man but the death of the 187 year old American experiment. With one bullet, fired by, or allowed to be fired by, agents of the US Government, the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence would be forever more worthless pieces of paper.

Rogue Marxist Terrorist Group kills US President; Who will be Next?
What kind of impact do you think that headline would have had on the financial markets and international alliances?

JFK Killed By Hired Gun of Jealous Husband
We've always found it interesting that people were quick to believe almost any rumor or innuendo of how JFK lived but were just as quick to reject mountains of data that there was more to his death than a lone gunman with a $12 rifle.

The Magic Bullet Theory 2003: Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Knowledge of a conspiracy of any manner would have been too difficult to deal with. It would have pushed the US Government into untenable confrontations and might likely have resulted in worldwide panic rather than grief.

Maybe the Lone Gunman Defense is true, but it is the most improbable of all scenarios. And isn't it interesting that of all the things that might have been, the incredulous Lone Gunmen Theory was the least problematic way to frame the tragedy?

And if the American people could be convinced to buy the idea of a Lone Gunman -- or a Magic Bullet that stops and changes direction in mid-air -- or a victim's body, after being shot, falling toward the shooter rather than away from him, what else might they become convinced of with the flimsiest of evidence?