Beware Little Brother!

Big Brother is One Thing, But Little Brother is Watching, too.
While the government watches us from almost everywhere with zoom lenses perched on street corner watch towers, we've become enamored with watching ourselves.

And though it's no American Idol, one of the most popular television programs on the planet is the reality show ... Big Brother.

And Live Web Cams are everywhere. It is now possible in the comfort of your own home, real time, 24/7, to watch nothing happening in almost every country in the world. You can watch what's going on in New York's Time Square, in front of the Grand Hotel Praha in Prague or in Leister Square in London, England.

And perhaps most interesting of all, any time you choose, you can watch the Beatles not crossing the street in front of famed Abbey Road studios as they did on the cover of one of their last albums.

Google Street View
And that doesn't even begin to get into the compelling yet unsettling world of Google Street View. How do they get those pictures anyway? Here at Apocalypzia, we've always imagined some kind of futuristic hovercraft cruising down city side streets with some giant revolving Cyclopic eye mounted to the top.

Google seems sensitive to our discomfort and provides us the chance to opt-out if necessary. Though the result is sometimes the great black void in the photo at the beginning of this entry.

And as regards another place you won't see the Beatles, Paul McCartney's estate was black-voided on Google Street View when the ex-Beatle rightfully complained.

Vast Wasteland
Once upon a time, then-head-of-the-FCC, Newton Minnow called television a vast wasteland. What Newton didn't understand was that maybe that's what we were looking for all the time.