In Search of Lance Lawson

Looking for a Hero

James Lileks is, in our opinion, a contemporary zeitgeist archeologist and a premier social historian.

We should explain that.

Lileks' clever Institute of Official Cheer website uses matchbook covers, hotel postcards, comic books, Sears catalogs and more to paint a fascinating picture of our cultural evolution over the last 50 years. This is no dry, dull college history lecture. Setting politics aside, James Lileks is as witty as all get out and as funny as hell.

Enter Lance Lawson
Mr. Lileks' website introduced us to Lance Lawson, the lead character of a newspaper comic strip that ran in the 1940s. And boy do we need Lance now.

Lance was like a mash-up of Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe and Robert (Da Vinci Code) Langdon. But while it took those guys hours and/or hundreds of pages to solve a mystery, Lance did it in four comic strip panels. FOUR PANELS!

lance lawson

Time's a wastin'
With all that's going on in our apocalyptic world these days, we really need a guy who could step in and get to the bottom of things fast.

Have you figured it out yet?

Do you know why Lance feels justified in man-handling the dirty crook masquerading as a pig farmer?

The solution printed at the bottom of the newspaper page explains Lawson's reasoning ..

The farmer called the pigs Hampshires but they were Poland Chinas.

Yeah, we knew that...