iPhone 3GS Commercial. Has Apple Lost its Cool?

Does this Apple iPhone commercial work for you?

Let's face it, Apple is the High Priest of High-Tech commercials. From the groundbreaking 1984 classic that launched the Macintosh right through to the ingenious Mac vs PC campaign, Apple rules.

Through commercials like those developed for the iPod and the Mac Air, they've created their own special Ad-Vibe. Initial commercials for the iPhone were an excellent fit.

So what's up with the ad for the new iPhone 3GS?!

While this commercial -- titled Break In -- is not bad on its own merits, its seems decidedly ... well ... like any other TV commercial. Bland, derivative and stuffed with obligatory puffery.

Where's that Apple wit, humor and personality?

There seems to be some kind of vague Daniel-Craigy James Bond thing going on here. And are we to assume that those are Microsoft guys spying from the floor above?

Maybe they're President Obama's Secret Service agents dispatched to see if the new iPhone is better than the boss's state-of-the-art Blackberry.

Some believe that this ad will introduce a series of commercials with a related theme. If that's Apple's intention, this seems like a pretty weak start.

This commercial has a very impressive pedigree. It was directed by David Fincher, a self-proclaimed Mac Guy and the Academy Award nominated director of 2008's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Curiously, despite these credentials, this ad seems rather ordinary.

Is Apple the victim of the high expectations it sets for itself with clever edgy ads?

Is Apocalypzia alone in this assessment of the new iPhone ad?

Let us know...