The View from the Star Trek Holodeck...


What is Reality, Anyway?
If we can see something, hear it and feel it, is it really there -- even if it isn't?

Touchable Holography - Seel and Feel What Isn't There

Image Isn't Everything

Holograms are three dimensional illusions that can make the brain believe that the image is the reality. But holograms are only optical experiences, right?

Not Any More
The holodeck on the USS Enterprise has moved a step closer to reality. Scientists at the University of Tokyo are pushing technological frontiers by using ultrasonics and Wii Remote tracking to give holograms a tactile dimension. This new tech allows you to see and feel raindrops falling on the palm of your hand or to toss a ball up and down.

The clip below shows you how. Captain Picard would be proud.

See another example of Touchable Holography in this silent video clip.

Holophonics - Hear What Isn't There

Hearing is Believing

Holophonics could be the next breakthrough in audio. Holophonics is to sound what holograms are to images. Think stereo on steroids.

Experience it for yourself in the example below. Close your eyes and find yourself in a neighborhood barber shop with a guy over in the corner strumming a guitar.

There is a catch, though before you can "Make it So."
You'll need earphones or earbuds. The effect just doesn't work without them.


(Be Prepared: At about 4:15 minutes into the clip the barber will whisper a word in your left ear (if you have your earphones on correctly). This isn't a screamer meant to frighten you, but it may be a surprise. You may think someone's really walked up behind you.)

Check out more amazing examples of Holophonics.

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