The Science Is In: Stripe Toothpaste with Hexachlorophene

This is beyond the whole tired Liberal/Conservative thing

Whenever so-called experts buddy up with politicians in the backroom or corporate-types in the boardroom, it makes us a little itchy.

Announcements of the latest pandemic and/or panacea du jour that issue forth from these high-level clandestine collusions leave us cold.

Whether expert prognostications of apocalyptic catastrophe involve mass destruction by way of slam-dunk weapons or inconveniently truthful weather, our BS Radar goes to red alert.

And when the experts and their government or corporate sugar-daddies tell us they've found the cure for all our ills, we run for cover.

Stripe Toothpaste with Hexachlorophene
Nearly 50 years ago, hexachlorophene was touted as the most effective germ-killer ever put in a toothpaste. And that toothpaste was Stripe.

And it had to be good. After all, science experts said hexachlorophene reduced germs in the mouth by 94%. And the US Congress thought that was good enough for them.

Got to be a winner, right?


The International Programme on Chemical Safety (INCHEM) has this to say about hexachlorophene:

The substance may cause effects on the central nervous system, resulting in convulsions, respiratory failure.

Repeated or prolonged contact with skin may cause dermatitis. Repeated or prolonged contact may cause skin sensitization. Repeated or prolonged inhalation exposure may cause asthma. The substance may have effects on the nervous system, resulting in tissue lesions, blindness. Animal tests show that this substance possibly causes malformations in human babies.

An Inconvenient Tooth...
As awesome a germ-killing toothpaste as TV ads claimed it was in 1962, Stripe with Hexachlorophene isn't around anymore. It was yanked off the market. And so were all the other once commercially available products that contained hexachlorophene.

So, no more non-prescription-PhisoHex, Baby Magic Bath or Ipana Toothpaste.


Of course, there's always Crest Pro-Health. No, wait...