To Hell and Back ...

heather west


If you're a fan of Hell's Kitchen, you already know that the winner of the current season has been named.

In a hard fought three-way battle between Ariel, Kevin and Dave, the last remaining female was eliminated, setting up a showdown between cocky Kevin and Dave, the one armed bandit.

The ultimate prize for this season was a job as the head chef at the Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, Canada, just in time for the upcoming winter Olympics.

And the Winner Is...
hell's kitchen
...Slow-takin' but good-cookin' Dave Levey

After injuring his arm early in the competition, Dave -- forearm cast and all -- fought on valiantly, rarely displeasing the mercurial Gordon Ramsay, and shutting out one contender after another.

Dave deserved to win and we hope that he enjoys his new job as head chef at the Araxi. In fact, we hope he actually ends up in the job he was promised.

The Ballad Of Heather West
Heather West was Hell's Kitchen's Season 2 winner. That's Heather being congratulated by Chef Ramsay in the photo at the top of this post.

She faced down 11 competitors in her successful bid to win Hell's Kitchen for the promised job of being the executive chef of the Terra Rossa at the Red Rock Resort Spa and Casino in Las Vegas. The job she was given at the Terra Rossa was Senior Chef -- a few notches down. A year later, after her 1-year contract was up, she was no longer employed there at all.

According to Reality Blurred, Rock Harper, winner of Hell's Kitchen Season 3, was the first person to actually get the prize job being competed for. He took the promised job as head chef of Terra Verde at the Green Valley Ranch Resort.

Michael Wray, winner of Season 1, was given the prize options of apprenticing under Chef Ramsay in London or being set up in his own restaurant. He reportedly chose neither.

Lemons from Lemonade
But not to worry about Heather. She landed a job on the Hell's Kitchen crew as one of the show's sous chefs who are basically assistants to the contestants. That's Heather in the background of the photo below, her head just over the shoulder of the poor soul in the foreground being reamed by Chef Ramsay .

And our question is...
Is it worth going through hell to wind up as just another unheralded sous chef for the competition that was to launch your career, there only to help other aspiring hopefuls achieve their dreams?

I guess we'd have to ask Heather that.