Goofy's Holler

Beyond Wilhelm
A few days ago, Apocalypzia took a hard look at the Wilhelm Scream, the shriek heard by more people than any other in the history of humankind.

Well, if Wilhelm's Scream is the most famous scream of all, Goofy's Holler is arguably the funniest.

Granjitsingh thinks so. In his YouTube clip commentary below, he can hardly get the words out without breaking up.

The Art of Skiing
Goofy's Holler, voiced by yodeler Hannes Schrolle (possibly pro bono), was introduced in the 1941 Disney cartoon, The Art of Skiing. The yodeling in the foreign language clip below is funny enough, but Goofy's signature scream kicks in at about 19 seconds into the video and his extreme scream comes at about 56 seconds in.