The Glade Lady

Glade Lady

Twists and Turns
The backstory on the Glade Lady is more mysterious and twisty than the plotline of ABC's Lost last season. Is S.C. Johnson, Glade's parent company, trying to hide something?

Who is the Glade Lady?
USAToday reports that her name is Dori Kelly and she's a former runway model from Pennsylvania. But to read what bloggers are saying, you'd think this was shaky information, leaked by a S.C. Johnson executive under protection of anonymity.

The GrokMedia blog has been on her trail for a while now and may be closing in soon. They want to talk to the Glade Brand Manager. They have a few questions for him or her about how the enigmatic and alleged Ms. Kelly fits into the overall brand strategy.

And there's much controversy about the Glade Lady over at the 13Months blog where they admit to being obsessed with her and have even plotted her on a four box Hot vs Idiotic grid. She's been called Ms. Liar Liar there and they aren't thrilled with what she did to an animated gingerbread man. Yikes!

You decide...

But wait, there's more...
Does the Glade Lady have a dark B-Movie past that's being hidden from us? Some think that she was in the cast of 1991's Winterbeast, a film that looks like it could go toe-to-toe with Plan 9 From Outer Space. Watch for the character at about 57 seconds who says, "I think we better get out of here..." Again you decide...