Strange Apocalypzia: Gede on Guard

Drawing by Rev. Irving W. Wamble

Where Dragons Tread...
Somewhere on the far side of hope and the near side of fear there is a distant outpost of the mind where dragons tread.

Gede patrols there, clawed, winged, hideous and fire breathing -- the macabre manifestation of cataclysmic apocalypse.

Just outside the fence and beyond the gate...
... Gede dares you to step across the boundary of your terror, all the while mocking your false bravado and ready to test your unsteady resolve.

Not merely smelling fear but salivating at the hinted scent of it, Gede's sole purpose is to bite into the jugular of your desire and shred the entrails of your soul.

Between you and your destiny stands Gede.

Everything you've ever dreamed of is beyond that wall and beyond the terrifying yet never seen Gede that patrols and guards the perimeter.

Do you dare?