Honda Fuzo

Yeah, Baby! That's What I'm Talkin' About!

Now that's a car of the freakin' future! It's just what we've been waiting for. Crystal clear evidence that we've officially crossed the threshold into the amazing World of Tomorrow.

Honda has done it again. Or at least they plan to. The Fuzo is their new concept car. It's sleek, streamlined and way cooler than the 1960's Hovering Pontiac.

The Fuzo's not some shaky Segway PUMA rickshaw or some dinky climate-hugging hybrid. It's a real honest-to-goodness Buck Rogers Rocket Car!

BTW, you can't just step out of one of these transports wearing khakis and a polo shirt. You've got to have the whole color-coded, helmet and jackboot ensemble.

And those aren't supersize cupholders on the port and starboard sides of this craft. Those are vertical turbo-lift turbines, baby.

This bad boy has a GPS system not just to tell you where you're going, but to keep you from running into other Fuzos on the stratospheric freeway.

Does It Fly?
Does it fly?! Apocalypzia got a hold of the official test flight footage. Check it out.