Flash Gordon vs Luke Skywalker

flash and skywalker

A longer time ago in a galaxy not so far away...
...there was a star-wars-sized battle between planets Earth and Mongo. Flash Gordon, a character created by Alex Raymond in 1934, single-handedly took on Ming the Mercilous -- ruler of Mongo -- and his army of minions.

Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker's biological dad but Flash Gordon may indeed have been his cinematic great-grandfather.

Flash Gordon started in the 1930s as a comic strip but is best known as the first science-fiction movie serial. Buster Crabbe -- the Olympic-champion Michael Phelps of his day -- played space hero Flash Gordon.

Buster was obviously in high demand during his acting career. He's the only actor to have played Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and Tarzan -- the top three comic strip heroes of the 1930s.

When George Lucas was contemplating Star Wars, he considered rebooting Flash Gordon. Fortunately, he decided to go his own way and create his own epic storyline, adding his own genius to the genre.

Flash didn't have Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter but he did have a way to get around the galaxy (even if his rocket ship did sound like a Hoover vacuum cleaner...)

Ming the Mercilous (with way too much starch in the collar) was Darth Vader and the Emperor rolled into one
Bearded and dishelved Dr. Zharkov was to Flash what Obi-Wan was to Luke Skywalker -- except Zharkov would sell out to the enemy at the drop of a space helmet.

Clearly, Ming saw himself as a player but Flash was having none of that...

Dale Arden = Princess Leia?
Dale was the leading lady of the series but she lacked all the feisty, spunkiness of Princess Leia. She, like Dr. Zharkov, was also awful quick to throw Flash under the bus.

Enhanced Interrogation Planet Mongo Style
Dale Arden -- played by a different actress in this episode -- does about all that Hollywood directors gave actresses to do in 1930s movie serials, scream and faint.

Doesn't the guy with the wings on his helmet have a great laugh?

Question of the Day: If a fight between Flash Gordon and Luke Skywalker broke out at the Mos Eisley Cantina, who would your money be riding on?
(No rayguns or light sabers allowed)