Fiomily (Emily and Fiona) Encore

You know them, you love them, so we brought them back.
We told you all about these talented sisters in a previous post that included a number of video clips. Most of the clips in this post are more recent so you'll notice that Emily and Fiona look a little older here and have improved their already impressive skills.

You'll also notice that they're electrified, drummified, mic'ed, multi-tracked and sounding better than ever.

Creeque Alley
Emily and Fiona take on this musical autobiography by the Mamas and the Papas.

Mr. Bright Side
Emily and Fiona cover the Killers. Fine work here.

Misery Business
With help from Christian on drums, Emily and Fiona cover Paramore.

Needle and Spoon
Emily shows off her versatility here playing lead, rhythm and bass guitar while Fiona exhibits maturity beyond her young years, handling some serious lyrics.

We're closing out this set with a little vintage Fiomily from their Beatles repertoire.

We like this particular clip because we get a rare smile from Fiona and a cute grimace from Emily when she doesn't exactly hit the guitar note that she hoped for.

Take our word for it, this is a challenging guitar piece to play. We're still trying to master it.

Emily and Fiona Sing the Beatles

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Best of the Beatles