Emily and Fiona Sing The Beatles

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Step aside Indigo Girls...Emily and Fiona have arrived!
In the process of preparing a post about musical groups who cover the Beatles, we came across Emily and Fiona, or Fiomily as they sometimes call themselves. We were absolutely blown away by their videos.

These lovely and talented young ladies are sisters and, at the tender ages of 17 and 14, they are an inspiration and a delight. Of all the Beatles covers we've heard and Beatles tribute bands we've seen, none are as compelling and charming as Emily and Fiona.

They capture that innocence of the early Beatles and perhaps for good reason. John Lennon was himself 17 when he auditioned the 15 year old Paul McCartney to join the band that would change Liverpool and then the world.

Emily and Fiona are already generating some worldwide attention themselves through their YouTube videos and live performances.

Beatles songs are just part of their repertoire and we'll be covering some of their other songs in upcoming posts. We can't say enough good things about these musicians.

Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing Emily and Fiona!

This Beatles song has a complex vocal harmony that Emily and Fiona capture quite beautifully. The rhythm guitar is spot on.

There is a cute moment where they bobble the lyrics a bit but recover like true professionals. Not to worry, ladies. John Lennon bobbled the lyrics a bit himself when the Beatles performed this song on the Ed Sullivan Show with 70 million viewers. And things turned out pretty well for them.

She Loves You
This song was the Beatles first US hit. The vocal harmonies they used intrigued even George Martin, their seasoned record producer.

Once again, Emily and Fiona nail it.

Love Me Do
This was the Beatles first British hit and Emily and Fiona do it proud with guitar and harmonica!

Again, they capture the John-and-Paul harmony quite brilliantly .

I Am the Walrus
As proof that Emily and Fiona are fearless, they take on one of the Beatles more arcane recordings from later in their career.

Great guitar work. Fantastic vocals. Well done!

Johnny B. Goode
And just to show you that Emily and Fiona's songlist goes beyond the Beatles, here they do a Chuck Berry Rock and Roll classic.

Johnny B. Goode - Live
Let's hear Emily and Fiona do Johnny B. Goode again but this time on stage, backed by the Blues Company, a professional German blues band.