Fashion Forward: The Past Predicts the Future

When people try to predict what things will be like in the future, they're generally way, way off.
That goes for science, engineering, finance and certainly fashion.

In the 1930s designers took a stab at imagining what women would be wearing in the year 2000. What's shown in the video below is what they came up with. Keep in mind, the year they were aiming at is now nearly ten years in the past.

The clip says as much, if not more, about evolving attitudes regarding women within society as it does about fashion.

Future-fashion view from the 1930s

They did get somethings right though.
The Ooo Swish! comment, for some reason, sounds like something America's-Next-Top-Model co-host Miss J would say.

iPhone or Droid?
And in their brief comment about men's wear, they also seemed to get the cellphone thing right. The headgear, not so much...

men's fashions future

The view of future fashion from the 1960s was really no better.
I am the Eggman! They are the Eggmen! I am the Walrus! (Koo Koo ka Joob!)

Okay, then how would you describe the outfits at the beginning of this clip?

How about the view from the early 1970s?
A cosmetics belt to replace a woman's handbag?!