Eurovision vs American Idol

American Idol is Big.
You don't need us to tell you that. But we can certainly tell you that when it comes music competitions, something is bigger. Much bigger. You guessed, it. Eurovision!

Bigger than Idol?!

Oh, yeah. Eurovision is an international music competition that's been around for over 50 years. It's global viewership registers as high as 600 million people, not just in Europe but in Asia, the Pacific Rim, North America, Australia and just about every other place on the planet.

Momma Mia!
Never heard of Eurovision? Maybe not, but we bet you've heard of Abba. That singing group won Eurovision 1974 with their soon-to-be hit song Waterloo.

Maybe you can help us out.
We think it's possible that the same guy who won American Idol last season won Eurovision 2009. If they're not the same person they must have been separated at birth.

They both seem to like vests, white shirts and stringed instruments. This is definitely doppelganger territory, don't you think?

Eurovision 2009 Winner - Norway's Alexander Rybak
Rybak's I'm in Love with a Fairy Tale was the big winner the last time around. Wide eyed enthusiasm must count for a lot in Eurovision judging.

American Idol Winner 2009 - USA's Kris Allen
This is the guy who won Idol last time, right? I guess they can't all be as memorable as Taylor Hicks. Anyway, we think if he grew his bangs out, he could, at least, stunt double for the Eurovision guy.

Get ready to be Rick Roll'd
In our opinion, neither one of these guys should have won. Apocalypzia's vote goes to...