A Dream Ended or a Wish Fulfilled?


You toss and turn in the grip of a sad and distressing dream about being old -- very, very old -- and on your deathbed with only a handful of moments of life and living left.

Cold and alone, you regret a life squandered in unfortunate pursuit of the trivial and the unremarkable. How could you have been so foolish? So many seconds, minutes, days, months and years wasted.

In this dream, tears burn your eyes as you pray to gods above for mercy.

If only you had another chance to take advantage of the long life you took foolishly for granted.

If only you had another opportunity to say the things that you never said, to do the things that you never did, to know the things that you never knew.

How much you would give for just another chance, one more chance...

If only... if only...

And then... in the familiarity of your own room, you wake ... left with only the fading memory of your deathbed nightmare.

Have you awakened from a dream?

Or was your desperate wish fulfilled?