Who Is The Glade Lady? Why Does Everyone Want to Know?

dori kelly

Keeping Up Appearances
Back in July we published a post about the current SC Johnson TV ad campaign for Glade Air Freshener. This series of commercials features a woman who tries to make her friends and family believe her house smells so great because she's such a great housekeeper when it fact, it's the Glade.

The slant of our post was that there was precious little known about the actress, Dori Kelly, who portrays the enigmatic character who has become known in some circles as the Lying Glade Lady.

We're back in October to report something we're calling the Glade Lady Phenomenon.

Looking at our blog stats, in the nearly six months that Apocalypzia has been around, our post concerning the Glade Lady has been far and away the most viewed. Even our Sarah Palin song parody post -- with a link that was picked up by the Huffington Post -- couldn't compete with the underground appeal of Dori Kelly.

The post actually didn't register that high in July when it was originally published, but took off in August, September and into October, getting the highest page hit numbers for each individual month.

In fact, just mentioning the Glade Lady in another post about Flo the Progressive Insurance Lady may have helped drive that one up to be the sixth most viewed Apocalypzia article.

And that's not all.

Glade Lady

Our Google Webmaster Tools tell us that Dori Kelly, the Glade Lady and almost anything related to this ad series are among the most popular Apocalypzia keyword searches.

And it's not just our blog that's noticed Dori.
The Grokmedia Blog reported the same type of stat spikes that we're talking about here when they posted about the mysterious Dori Kelly.

And everyone seems to be a little vague about who Dori really is.
Even the people who know her personally are having a hard time getting a fix on her.

A commentator at the 13Months Blog who claims to have known Dori when she was a teenager said: "She played a great Rosie in a teen production of Bye Bye Birdie!"

This was countered by another commentator at the blog who said: "I knew Dori Kelly from High School, a lovely girl, though, ... a girl named Diane was Rose in the Bye Bye Birdie in high school."

Missed Marketing Opportunity?
Go to the Progressive Insurance website and Flo is there to greet you on the home page.

flo progressive

The Dos Equis website is organized around their Most Interesting Man in the World campaign.

dos equis

SC Johnson, curiously, doesn't seem to be interested in leveraging off of Dori's cult status.

Dori Kelly is hot but go to the various SC Johnson websites and we challenge you to find even a whiff of the Glade Lady campaign or the actress who portrays her. Dori's Glade commercials aren't available there.

There is a skeletal Facebook page for Dori Kelly but it doesn't appear to be a verified one.

Grokmedia asked the question: Dori Kelly, Where Are You? and suggested that this actress was, personally missing a real opportunity by not trying to capitalize on her web-cult popularity.

But in the midst of all this, SC Johnson appears to be shifting the focus of its ad campaign.
The persona of the Glade Lady as a fibbing social climber has been the core of the ad campaign, as best presented in the first installment.

But one of the most recent spots strips her of the shtick that made her popular and presents her as just another TV spokesperson hawking discount merchandise.

Bottom Line? SC Johnson needs some social media consultation, and fast...
How would you advise them to manage this campaign and the mysterious, enigmatic Dori Kelly?