The Ballad of Dr. Stan: Get Well First, Pay Later

doctor ad

Dr. Stan was the Man!
He did it all. And what would you expect from a pioneer in penicillin and sex hormones.

This ad is from a 1953 Chicago Street Guide. It promotes the services of Dr. Stanley Veselsky. This particular page was the center spread, so we're guessing that Dr. Stan paid dearly for that placement.

Better Than X-Ray Specs
This may have been the early 50s but Dr. Stan had a bangin' X-Ray machine, no doubt. He could sit in a wooden chair in his office and look at your gizzard real time.

Somewhat confusing, Dr. Stan was a surgeon who "used no knife." Maybe that's where the electro-therapy came in. But hey, this is Dr Stan and he's the Man.

Who was Dr. Stan Anyway? lists a Stanley Veselsky in Chicago, who would have been about 73 years old when this ad ran. Census data from 1930 lists him as a physician by occupation.

Born in Czechoslovakia in 1880, he was brought to the US when he was 5 years old. It appears that 23 years before this ad ran, Dr. Stan was a single guy, who owned his own home, valued at about $15,000. And, as the census data reveals, he owned a radio set.

What About Dr. Stan's Office?
Dr. Stan's office was on the fourth floor of the eight-story Dexter Buildiing, that stood from 1883 to 1961.

Looking down Adams Street, it was half-way down the block, on the right, about where that tall building is now.

39 W Adams

By the way, what is Lack of Nature?