The Ballet of Apocalypzian Illusion

The dance begins....

The music is quiet at first. Serene, yet alive with urgency and uncertainty.

It swells, unexpectedly, and we search our repertoire of choreography for resolution between sound and motion.

The music shifts violently. Its structure dissolving into twists and turns.

Are we turning right against a background moving left? Or are we spinning left while the world obeys its own axis?

We dance frantically to keep time with ever-changing signatures. We try to synchronize our movements with an echoing downbeat that belies the fundamental rhythm.

We struggle to find graceful movement against the staccato and pizzicato.

We yearn to yield -- if only for a moment -- to the warmth and comfort of melody and meaning.

We rise upward on the crescendo and hurtle headlong toward an uncertain coda.

And just as the ringing reverberation of the final chord fades into silence...

The dance begins again...