Creepy Children's TV

No Wonder Baby Boomers Have So Many Issues

Most everyone who grew up in the 1960s can tell you about the eerie Outer Limits episode about space bugs with human faces. The Zanti Misfits was the title of that episode. Talk about your flesh-eating bugs!

Of course, that was supposed to scare kids out of their wits. What happens when we're frightened by something that supposed to be innocent and benign?

Last August we took a look at some very scary TV Shows seen by Baby Boomers when they were kids that were actually offered as that generation's version of Sesame Street.

Here are a couple of other examples of kid's shows that suggests what Nickelodeon might be like if Stephen King was the program director.

What the Hell is This?!
How'd you like to have the kids curl up in from of this video right before bedtime?

Mark Twain, reportedly, went into a deep depression shortly before his death. His last work -- which was never completed -- was The Mysterious Stranger, which was adapted for this animated film. The alternate title for the original work? The Chronicles of Young Satan. Lovely.

The Bizarro Wiggles
We think the Wiggles are scary enough in human form but these ghastly finger-puppets are just plain disturbing, don't you think?

What are your examples of supposedly innocent TV that scared the bejeezus out of little ones?