The Baby Boomer Holiday Cookbook

You Come A Long Way, Baby

For anyone even slightly confused about the need for the 1960s Women's Liberation Movement, the graphic above -- found at the All My Days blog -- seems to say it all.

In the pre-Women's-Lib Dick-and-Jane world, a women's place was in the kitchen and -- as evidenced by the three ravenous kids -- in the bedroom.

At the moment we're concerned about what was expected of women in the kitchen during the Leave-It-To-Beaver years.

Perhaps during the Cold War, it wasn't the Bomb we should all have been worried about, but Betty Crocker...

Here's looking at you, kid!
A salami and olive sausage pizza. Need we say more?


Seafood Special
Why serve Broiled Salmon when you can skin a Gurnet fish alive and flop the writhing carcass on a plate of American Fries?

Man, that's good eatin.'

Kitchen Retro

Mmm! Who Doesn't Like Spam?
Especially when it's the surprise inside broiled cling peaches.

Wait a minute. What the hell is Spam anyway?! Oh, what's this buried at the bottom of the recipe? "Spam is the exclusive blend of sweet juicy pork shoulder and mild tender ham."

Now we know.

Everybody's Favorite Dessert!
Cranberry slabs layered with gelatinous chicken soup, decorated on top with what looks to be the baked hearts of small woodland creatures.

Bon Appetit!