Cola Wars - Round 2... Coke: The Real Thing

coke logo

Coke is the King of Soft Drink Hill.
And they stormed their way to the top of the heap with a history of in-your-face TV commercials that were anything but subtle.

While rival Pepsi was selling lifestyle, attitude and point of view, Coke's message was that their branded bottles of sweetened water were absolutely necessary before you could have any real fun.

See what we mean...

More For You
Apparently before she got right with the Lord, Anita Bryant drank a lot with strange men at the beach. That aside, the main message here is that Coke is the life of the party. Not the brilliant blue sky, the silver surf or sparkling conversation with pretty people. It's all about the Coke.

Things Go Better With Coke
Either this guy is trapped in the Matrix or somebody forgot to take the green filter off Camera One. At any rate, once again, Coke is required for you to have a good time.

I'd Like To Buy the World a Coke
Probably the most iconic of Coke's commercials, this Up with People wannabe is clearly self-serving and sappy. What if the world doesn't want a Coke? If you like Coke, fine. Maybe I'd rather have a Yoo-Hoo. Ever think about that?

Coke Is It!
If the 1980's movie Fame crashed head-on into High School Musical and there were no survivors, this commercial is the twisted wreckage you'd be left with. Why would you want to drink anything that would make you act like this?!

It's the Real Thing
This commercial is Coke's attempt to do the Pepsi lifestyle thing but in a desperate just-buy-the-damn-Coke-why-don't-you? kind of way.

And Where it All Began...
Apparently, Coke started out as a necessary substitute for adequate air-conditioning. More importantly, it was the drink of choice for that fast game of 5-Card-Stud with the other desperate housewives from down the block.