Please Don't Squeeze the Charmin

Mr. Whipple
Dick Wilson, born Ricarrdo diGuglielmo, was paid $25,000 a day with 11 and a half months of vacation for telling women not to squeeze the Charmin.

It wasn't his only gig as an actor. According to Wikipedia, he made nearly 40 movies and had a number of semi-recurring roles on TV -- he was the drunk on Bewitched -- and before all that was an acrobatic dancer.

But it was his 500 commercials as Mr. Whipple that will be his major legacy. And there were perks in the assignment. In addition to his earnings as spokesperson, Charmin gave him a lifetime supply of toilet paper.

Those Madison Ave. Mad Men are something else, aren't they?
Who would have thought that toilet paper could be pitched with a romantic, tactile slant?

Mr. Whipple passed away in 2007 and thefox22 uploaded the memorial YouTube tribute above. Here's Mr. Whipple in action, as most TV viewers saw him.

Does a bear use toilet tissue in the woods..?
The Whipple campaign was eventually replaced by a series of commercials so edgy and disturbing that it almost qualifies as some kind of viral marketing effort.

Yes, we're talking about those damned animated bears in the wood -- get it? -- and their preoccupation with residue...