Weekend Showcase: Angry Alien Productions

Trying to decide on a Blockbuster or Netflix movie for the weekend?
We recommend an Apocalypzian alternative that will take a lot less of your time and none of your money.

In 2004, the brilliant Jennifer Shiman, head of Angry Alien Productions, created something innovative and refreshing called Bun-o-Vision.

What's Bun-o-Vision?

Parodies of classic and near classic movies presented as animated 30 second shorts, starring bunnies.

That's right, bunnies. Titanic, Casablanca, The Exorcist, Brokeback Mountain... They're all here, all starring bunnies and all of 30 seconds long.

These aren't spoofs of the films but instead are surprisingly on-point condensed renditions of characters, plot points and dialogue. Actually the Bun-o-Vision version of My Dinner with Andre makes more sense than the interminable original.

Angry Alien Productions, winner of two Webby Awards in 2008, has an inventory of over 50 shorts, with Terminator, Top Gun and Gone with the Wind in the works.

If you're in the mood for something refreshingly different check out Angry Alien. But be forewarned, the site can be be very addictive as you click your way through the movie archives.

Did we mention the bunnies?