The Bleeping Truth

lenny bruce
Lenny Bruce

We've all seen it.

Someone on your favorite TV reality show (if there is such a thing) freely uses profanity in a comment.

Sometimes a lot of profanity.

What the F(bleep)k?!
Basic cable usually bleeps out obscenities with provocative surgical precision. The first and last consonants of the offensive word are often left in as if only the otherwise meaningless string of letters in the middle have the true power to offend.

This is how the media chooses to protect our delicate sensibilities while striving for the kind of edginess that will crank the Nielsens.

Of course on the other side of the issue is the person on camera who feels that he or she can say whatever they want because it's someone else's job to make sure the offending words don't go out over the airwaves. But that 's a whole different issue.

Things We Said Today
How responsible is the media with respect to what they lay on our table? Paul McCartney made an insightful point as he responded to an interviewer who seemed to neither understand the answer that McCartney gave him nor the question he asked McCartney in the first place.

Beatle Paul lectures the reporter on responsibility but he just doesn't seem to get it.

Things have come a long way in a short time. It wasn't so terribly long ago that the late Lenny Bruce had a reputation for being the "dirty comic." Bruce's stand-up act was raw but nothing compared to what you might hear today on a Comedy Central Celebrity Roast.

Bruce was even once arrested in Hollywood in the mid-1960's for using the term "schmuck" in his act.