Beware Big Brother!

Back in 1948, George Orwell warned of a frightening scenario 36 years in the future when government-installed TV cameras would spy on our every move. And when the fateful year finally arrived, Apple assured us that because of the newborn Macintosh computer, 1984 wouldn't be like 1984...

That was then, this is now.

Sweet Home Chicago has already announced an ambitious project to put traffic cams on every city street corner to auto-ticket red-light runners and speeders. Now they've proposed the clever -- or should that be lucrative -- idea of using those cams to identify and fine uninsured motorists. Chicago thinks this effort alone will wipe out the city's deficit.

Not happening, in your town yet? Stay tuned.

Big Brother is watching, all right...

BTW, have you read this book?
We haven't but it claims to shed light on the growing intrusion of government watching. If you read it, let Apocalypzia know what you think about it.