How Dhani Harrison Made The Beatles: Rock Band Happen

dhani harrison

As of December 2009, sales of The Beatles: Rock Band topped 1 million units worldwide.

And that's all because Dhani Harrison -- the spitting image of his famous Dad, George -- had a vision and saw it through.

In 2006, Dhani ran into MTV president Van Toffler and pitched the idea of a Beatles-based videogame. MTV had recently purchased Harmonix, the developer of Rock Band and the original developer of Guitar Hero.

Toffler didn't bite, but Dhani, undaunted, took the idea directly to Harmonix.

And more importantly, he took the idea to Apple Corps, the Beatles-founded music production company, and pitched the concept to Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Yoko Ono. We assume that his Mom, Olivia, was already on board.

sean lennon dhani harrison
Beatle sons: Sean Lennon and Dhani Harrison

Dhani made the sale and helped put a package together between Harmonix and Apple Corps, whose shareholders saw the videogame as a way to introduce a whole new generation to Beatles music.

And after two years in development, the Beatles: Rock Band launched internationally on the same day as a re-release of the remastered Beatles CD catalog.

That release date was 09-09-09. Number nine, number nine, number nine for you fans of the Beatles White Album.

Of course, not everyone needs a videogame to cover the Beatles.

Here are some well done covers of Beatles songs and a tribute to some of George Harrison's great guitar solos.

Paperback Writer - The Cover

Paperback Writer - The Original

Run For Your Life - The Cover

Run For Your Life - The Original

Beatles Guitar Solos


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