Best of The Beatles


What's wrong with this picture?

If you can't guess, a guy named Pete Best can tell you.

Pete (second guy from the right, as if you didn't know) was the drummer in the most successful band in history up until maybe about a half an hour before it became the most successful band in history.

Love Me Do
Most Beatlemaniacs have heard the story of how the Beatles recorded a version of Love Me Do, their first number one hit, with Pete. Producer George Martin wasn't pleased. Pete was kicked to the Liverpudlian curb and the song was re-recorded with a new guy named Ringo.

We imagine that every time Pete steps into an elevator these days he sticks his fingers in his ears terrified that he might be reminded about that cruel twist of fate four decades ago. But have you ever heard the Pete Best version of this Beatles classic?

Put yourself in George Martin's shoes for moment and listen to what he heard.

What would you have done?

That was ... interesting ...
Somehow the Four Lads from Liverpool never sounded so lethargic and so ... well, ordinary. The drumming seems somehow disconnected from the rest of the music - especially after about a minute in. And by the end of the song, Pete kind of goes off on his own somewhere.

This version helped us to appreciate just how important RIngo was to the unique sound and signature of the Beatles.

Here's Love Me Do as it was released on October 5, 1962. It became the band's first number one hit in the US in 1964...

Ringo was almost a Nowhere Man, too
Ironically, the story is that George Martin didn't like Ringo's version either. The single released used a session drummer named Andy White, with Ringo playing tambourine.

And as for life after Pete's rock and roll apocalypse... He worked for a bakery and later spent 20 years as a civil servant.

BTW, Andy White, Wikipedia reports, is today a drumming judge for the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

PS: Happy Birthday, Ringo! - July 7

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