Meet the Beatles ... Again!

Beatles For Sale
We at Apocalypzia have long been fans of the Beatles and even had the surreal experience, once upon a time, of meeting one of the Fab Four -- of all places -- in front of the historic Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York.

Their original vinyl catalog was re-released on CDs in the 1980s. Now comes word that the digital catalog will be re-re-released this year. This time digitally remastered.

How do we all feel about remastering the Beatles?

We always thought that their recordings were somewhat haphazard in the assignment of voices and instruments to the stereo field. The sounds seem to come at you from random directions at times, with all the voices on the left and drums and guitars on the right.

Maybe this wasn't recording engineering at its best, but it isn't as if their popularity suffered because of it.

In fact, however the music was recorded and whatever imperfections were there within, it touched, inspired and energized a generation.


George Lucas remastered Star Wars years after its original release and incorporated state of the art CGI that wasn't available in 1977. That made it more technically cutting edge, but did it make the movie any better?

Did Star Wars fans like the movie because the special effects were perfect? Or because it was a refreshing and entertaining retelling of the hero's journey?

After all, how much more than enough do we need?

New is good but maybe we like some things just the way they were.

BTW, Paul: They say it's your birthday... Gonna have a good time... Happy Birthday to You!