To the Batcave: TV's Batman Auditions

Before Christian Bale, George Clooney, Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton, Adam West was Hollywood's definitive Batman.

The ABC TV series, Batman, premiered in January 1966 and ran for over two years.

Different from virtually every TV show before or since, Batman, for two seasons at least, aired twice a week in half-hour segments, connected by a cliff-hanger scene reminiscent of the old 1940's movie serials.

Adam West and Burt Ward were cast as Batman and Robin and for awhile the show was a campy cult hit.

Though West and Ward seemed like naturals for this over-the-top mashup of action and humor, they weren't the first choices for the roles.

Lyle Waggoner almost snared the role of Batman.

Maybe everything worked out for the best though. Within a few years he was a member of the comedy ensemble of the popular and iconic Carol Burnett Show.

Anyway Lyle kind of got his shot at TV superhero stardom after all when he co-starred with Lynda Carter on Wonder Woman in the 1970's.

Take a look at Lyle's audition for Batman and compare it to that of Adam West.

Who would you have chosen?