Local Auto Insurance Ads: Where the Raunchy Meets the Road

Auto Insurance is serious business, right?
Dennis Haysbert makes that case quite effectively in his "Are you in good hands?" ad campaign for Allstate. But somewhere along the line, other companies got the idea that the way to sell auto insurance was by going for the funny.

Geckos, Cavemen and Flo, Oh My!
Maybe that's a good idea when its done in a clever way. Geico with their Cavemen and geckos have been with us for a long time and have been recently joined by Flo, the Progressive Insurance Lady.

But we're talking about the stuff put out by smaller companies that shows up in local TV spots that confuses clever with crass.

Eagle Insurance
The Infamous Eagleman Commercial -- Look at those low rates!
Enter Eagleman, the Dennis Haysbert of Eagle Insurance. The series of TV ads was a multi-pronged attack on the senses. Someone actually thought a guy in an eagle suit laying an egg was a smart way to sell auto insurance. Do you agree?

The Eaglewoman Sequel -- Starring Shock-Jock Mancow Muller
The Eagle landed again in this followup commercial, this time in female form. We guess someone told them that male eagles don't lay eggs.

Eagleman returns
As bad as the other two ads are, for our money this is the worst.

Lincoln Insurance
Not to be outdone, Chicago competitor Lincoln Insurance aired its own series of moronic ads, most starring a guy with a beard and a top hat that is maybe supposed to be Abe Lincoln, but also some kind of a judge or something.

And how's this for class?

What's your take? Does this advertising approach work for you? Would feel comfortable buying auto insurance from these companies?