If Arnold Schwarzenegger Made Prank Calls...


Not exactly the Turing Test
Computer pioneer Alan Turing proposed that a true test of artificial intelligence would be if you couldn't tell whether you were in a conversation with another human or a machine.

Well, what some annoying yet quite ingenious people have done isn't exactly the Turing Test but in its own way it's darn close.

Nonsense and nonsensibility
Prank phone callers are using celebrity sound bites and cliches to try to engage people in conversation. The pranker is obviously punching in fairly appropriate sound clips but they're generally non-sequitur and nonsensical.

This kind of practical joke is abhorrent on nearly every level but it does make for fascinating sociology.

To ridicule the recipients of these calls is to ridicule ourselves.
It may be nice to think that we wouldn't react the way that these people do but the truth is that many of us probably would.

It's revealing to observe how ready we humans are to make sense out of nonsense while we miss every cue that what we believe is going on actually is not.

Here's Arnold Schwarzenegger spouting dialogue primarily from Kindergarten Cop.

(Language Alert)

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