Was Anonder Patient Zero of the Blogosphere?

In the Beginning...

In the pre-apocalyptic world, long before blogs, tweets and FaceBook, there was Anonder's Journal, which was, simultaneously, mundane and fascinating.

Every few days or so Anonder, a thirty-something, semi-retired computer programmer, would reveal the intimate details of his day to day existence on the web.

How intimate?
Very. Everything from his hopes to his fears and from his bedroom (with others or alone) to his bank account.

This was all happening within that ecotone where, and when, the concept of the personal and very private diary was slowly transitioning into that of the very open and globally accessible blog.

Anonder's site is still up though he hasn't posted to it in many years. The simple text on a plain grey background is a reminder of the frontier days of the world wide web before flash, or even graphics for that matter.

Social Networking Pioneer
Anonder was one of the pioneer's of social networking, daring to share himself with the world in a way that seems common now but was anything but common not so long ago.

Of course, it's possible that there really was no Anonder. That, instead, he was a fictional character created to make us believe that he was who he said he was.

There's no Anonder on Facebook, and everyone is on Facebook. That, alone, may be proof positive that he never really existed.