Angels in the Wind: Gone, Not Forgotten

mary travers

In Memoriam
Years ago, we were fortunate enough to meet Mary Travers. She was as warm and gracious as she was talented.

Touched by Mary's recent passing, we take this opportunity to remember her and to salute other gifted women -- all taken too soon -- whose music and songs have touched our hearts. kindled our memories and fired our imagination.

Mary Travers 1936 - 2009

The Song is Love
The delicately entwined folk harmonies of Peter, Paul and Mary were blessed by the vibrant Mary Travers.

Mary's voice -- so different from the sparkling soprano of Joan Baez -- was rich and imbued with a passionate urgency, demanding that she be listened to and ultimately understood.

Laura Nyro 1947 - 1997

Laura and the Thirteenth Confession
Before she was in her mid-twenties, Laura Nyro had already written hit songs for the Fifth Dimension, Blood, Sweat and Tears and Barbara Streisand. But as gifted as she was a songwriter and singer, it would possibly be more accurate to describe her as one of the superb poets of our time:

Emily, you're the natural snow, the unstudied sea, you're a cameo.
And I swear you were born a weaver's lover, born for the loom's desire.
Move me, oh sway me. Emily, you ornament the earth for me.

Minnie Riperton 1947 - 1979

Perfect Angel
Minnie Riperton's vocal range spanned over five octaves, including what's known as the whistle range. As a member of the Rotary Connection, her angelic voice was majestic as it soared into the high registers of heavenly harmony.

Her classic solo album, Come To My Garden, is, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful and romantic ever recorded.

Tammi Terrell 1945 - 1970

tammi terrell

Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Tammi Terrell's magnificent romantic duets with Marvin Gaye defined her short career. Her music added its own special magic to the mighty Motown Sound.

While on stage during a concert in Virginia in 1967, she collapsed in Marvin's arms. A few years later she succumbed to a brain tumor. But her beautiful music lives on.

Eva Cassidy 1963 - 1996

Eva Cassidy dared to cross the boundaries of musical genres. The haunting masterpiece which was her voice graced folk, rock, soul and jazz with equal ease and brilliance.

Even though much of what she sang had already been made famous by others, she made each song she performed uniquely her own.