Looking Back at The Beatles From the Year 3000

It all sounds so sensible when experts explain the world to us.

Archaeologists dig out and dust off fossils. Each fragment is categorized and cataloged.

Historians examine the evidence and weave a convincing narrative that adds meaning and nuance to bits and pieces painstakingly discovered and recovered.

The science is in?

Our perception of the reality of the past is perfectly aligned with plausible, persuasive and compelling tales experts spin for us.

But sometimes our understanding of the world as taught to us by experts is shaken up.

Sometimes new findings cause experts to abandon that which they once thought was gospel...

Sometimes experts are just slam-dunk incorrect in their deductions...

Sometimes experts just make stuff up...

Scottie Pippen in the Beatles?!

Cracked.com presents a funny but thought provoking view of how expert historians looking back from the year 3000, might view the Beatles with only conceptually skeletal remains to work with.

It quickly becomes clear that though these mock-experts get some things right, their deductions and inductions paint a very bizarro picture of the Fab Four.

CBS Radio Workshop
Back in the Golden Age of Radio, an episode of a CBS program presented Report on the We-Uns which used the same clever technique of looking at the present through eyes from far in the future.

It runs about a half an hour. If you have got the time and interest, check it out.

CBS Radio: Report on the We-Uns