Seven Commercials That Prove We'll Buy Any Damned Thing

A hearing aid that masquerades as a Blue Tooth Earpiece?
Because nothing says sexy like showing up at a party wearing your phone on your ear.

What the hell is a Mind Sticker?!
Sounds like something out of a George Orwell novel. We're thinking this commercial was made before the women's lib movement had much traction.

Some copywriter got paid for coming up with the Ultra Brite campaign.
We guess that this ad was aimed at women because the lipstick thing just doesn't work the other way around.

You've never had it so Kool!
Nothing's better when you're hot, dry and parched than putting a burning, fuming stick in your mouth.

Kno, it's knot just a Knitter, it's Knifty, too!!

The BluBlocker Sunglasses Rap
His name is Geek if it's late or it's early...the face on his shirt is a Stooge named Curly...

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